March  2015
Events on 01/03/2015
Events on 04/03/2015
  • Lenten Programme 2015

    7:30 pm

    At the home of Christiane and Peter Schmelter, Prosperous

Events on 08/03/2015
Events on 11/03/2015
Events on 15/03/2015
Events on 18/03/2015
Events on 22/03/2015
Events on 25/03/2015
  • Easter General Vestry

    8:00 pm

    The Parish Hall, Millicent

Events on 26/03/2015
Events on 29/03/2015


Sunday Worship

Date: 05/04/2015

Morning Prayer

10:00 am


Morning Prayer

11:30 am

St Michael & All Angels

Date: 12/04/2015

Holy Communion

10:00 am

St Peter's Donadea

Holy Communion

11:30 am

St Michael & All Angels

Other Events

Date: 03/04/2015

Stations of the Cross

11:00 am

Donadea Forest Park, Celbridge, Ireland

Good service

3:00 pm

St Michael & All Angels, Millicent

Lenten Programme 2015

Good Friday on Friday 3rd April at 3:00pm. Service in St Michael & All Angels, Millicent.


St Peter's, Donadea

St Peter’s Church, Donadea

Services Sundays at 10am
EXCLUDING first and last Sundays of each month

St Peter’s Church is located in Donadea Forest Park and is accessed by its own avenue, parallel to the main forest entrance (see parish map).
Each year on Good Friday, all members of the community who have attended the Stations of the Cross in the Forest Park are invited to an ecumenical service in St Peter’s. Another ecumenical event involving St Peter’s is the annual pilgrimage to St Peter’s Well, which begins at St Peter’s Church.


Brief History of St Peter’s

The Book of Armagh records St. Patrick’s visit to Dunmurraghill in 455CE, where he marked out the foundations for a religious settlement. The St. Peter’s site was laid out at the same time. The earliest churches were wooden in construction.
The Danes destroyed Dunmurraghill in 832.
The church at the St. Peter’s site was rebuilt as can be seen from a civil survey of 1220 which records a stone built Patrician church there.
In 1550 The Aylmer family of Lyons acquired the Manor of Donadea from the Earls of Ormond.
In 1626 Sir Gerald Aylmer Bart., rebuilt church incorporating the existing Patrician church into it.
The Ecclesiastical Report of 1809 stated that: “the Church was in a tottering state but neat and clean.”
Sir Fenton 7th Bart. , built the present St. Peter’s and it was consecrated in 1812.
In 1855, Sir Gerald 8th Bart extended the church adding the tower and side wings.
In 1878, Sir Gerald 9th Bart., moved the organ from the castle to the church.
In 1896, the Lectern, Pulpit, Prayer desk, Bell were gifted to the church when it amalgamated with Kilcock parish.
1908 Lady Aylmer provided the alter frontal in memory of her mother.
1998/9 Gallery rebuilt.

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